Put “Bartending” on your resume!

Once again, bartenders are needed for the upcoming season at NCCC.  

Please send responses to this email to me at econrad@seaside.ns.ca or you can call me at 902-447-2818.

Thanks to all who have taken a turn at a week, or equivalent, of bartending in the past.  Some have done so every year since NCCC opened.  The Club relies on volunteers to keep the bar operating, so please consider offering your time this year.

Please be reassured that the job is not complicated–no fancy cocktail mixing, and our cash register is the old-fashioned kind that is very straightforward to use! 

We anticipate returning to a league schedule similar to pre-Covid times, but of course that could change. 

The bar week runs Monday to Sunday, normally with two people working together.   You could combine with another team to cover a two-week period if you like. The full weeks up until Christmas are: 

November 1 – 7

November 8 – 14

November 16 – 21

November 22 – 28

November 29 – December 5

December 6 – 12

December 13 – 19

In the January to March period there will be, as in the previous couple of years, one or two stretches of time where people take on the bar for a specific day of the week (for example, four consecutive Tuesdays, etc.)  There will also be a need for bartenders during bonspiels and whatever other special events we are able to have.  

There will be a sign-up sheet posted at the club during Open House week but I would really appreciate having volunteers come forward ASAP for at least the first few weeks.

Thanks, and please contact me if you have any questions.

Eleanor Conrad