NCCC COVID-19 Changes to ‘In-House’ Protocols as of December 17, 2021

Based on the Nova Scotia Public Health changes being implemented as of Friday, NCCC will be adding the following to our current COVID-19 guidelines:

– Physical distancing of 2 meters is again required in all areas of the club. The onus is on each of us to keep our distances, this includes locker rooms, i.e take turns, gather your equipment quickly and change at the assigned table for your team.

– Tables will be spaced two meters apart with a large and small table together to provide more space between seating as last season.

– Your team of 8 will be your consistent social group for that event.

– Approaching the Bar will be one at a time with physical distancing.

– Masks are to be left on prior to games even while seated, unless eating or drinking.

– Masks are strongly recommended to be left on in the ice-shed except when sweeping or delivering the rock, can be pulled down temporarily.

– Spectators must remain masked unless eating or drinking.

All of our other public health protocols remain in place as well as we do our best to stay safe and navigate our ever-changing environment. Thanks in advance for everyone’s cooperation.