COVID-19 Protocols

Click below to download the full COVID-19 Protocol Document

  • Maintain physical distancing of six feet in all areas of the club lounge and washrooms.
  • Masks must be worn in all areas of the club lounge and washrooms.
  • Tables/Stations will be assigned in the club lounge based on the sheet you will be playing.
  • Stay at your assigned table; do not change tables.
  • While seated at assigned table, masks may be removed.
  • Follow floor markings and pay attention to signage.
  • One person with sanitized hands can hold door to ice shed open for entire team.
  • Hand sanitizer is available, sanitizing often is strongly recommended.
  • There will be no pre-game practice time.
  • Warm-up must be done without rocks or using only the rocks you will use during the game.
  • No handshakes before or after game.
  • Curlers are to arrive 10 minutes prior to play time, dressed to play.
  • One mate will manage scoreboard and sanitize numbers after game.
  • Losing team responsible for sanitizing all 16 rock handles.
  • Face masks are optional in the ice shed.