Pace of Play – League Nights

To ensure games are completed in a timely fashion, NCCC uses a time clock. The clock should be started at the beginning of each draw by one of the MATES playing on Sheet 2 at exactly 6:15 and 8:30.    If your teams are not ready, you will lose time. If you can start early, you will gain time.

Early Draw: 6:15-8:15

Late Draw: 8:30-10:30

The clock will start counting down from 95 minutes. It will sound at 0:00. It will then reset to 20 minutes.

When the buzzer sounds, you can finish the end you are in and one more end. If you are still in the 6th end when the buzzer sounds, you will only be able to play 7 ends.

Pace of Play Tips

  1. At the start of the 5th end, there should be approximately 35 minutes left on the clock to ensure you can play 8 ends. Use this as a gauge of your pace of play.
  2. Leads should be in the hack, getting ready to throw as the rocks are cleared from the last end.
  3. Do not spend time organizing rocks by number.
  4. Each player should be getting ready to throw as soon as the previous rock is released.
  5. Mates- Remind your Skips of time remaining.

Reviewed by the IMC on October 27, 2023