Open League Monday and Tuesday Nights

Updated Feb. 13: Click here to download a copy of the Open League schedule

Mondays and Tuesdays draws 6:30pm

All games at 6:30Sheet 1Sheet 2 Sheet 3Bye
MON. – Mar 21MacKay vs MunroMcCormick vs CoxCampbell vs Robertson
TUES. – Mar 22Wilson vs CraibBenjamin vs CanfieldVan Thielen vs Pike
MON. – Mar 28Robertson vs McCormickPike vs MacKayBenjamin vs Wilson
TUES. – Mar 29Cox vs CampbellVan Thielen vs MunroCanfield vs Craib
MON. – Apr 4 Wilson vs CanfieldCampbell vs McCormack Cox vs Robertson
TUE. – Apr 5Van Thielen vs MacKayBenjamin vs Craib Munro vs Pike

Spare Guideline. Click here to download and view a copy of the Spare Guideline